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Editor X Web Design Rental Package

Editor X Web Design Rental Package

3 588,00$Prix
TVA Incluse


Create Advanced Website, Web Hosting (1 Year), Custom Domain, Mobile SEO, & Online Store - eCommerce Website setup with 20 products and payments and basic project tech support. with current active accounts ONLY.


Editor X offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs for any device, all without using code, for example:

  • Grid layouting is an advanced two-dimensional layouting system based on CSS grid
  • Docking anchors elements to a specific position as the viewport changes
  • Stack & scale media for seamless responsive behavior
  • Text scale to create scalable font sizes
  • Flex layouter is a smart layouting system relying on flexbox technology for automatic reorganization of content while resizing
  • Custom breakpoints to tailor designs to any viewport, not just classic devices
  • Flexible canvas with resizing handles to instantly see and customize your design across viewports
  • Advanced sizing control defines your element as fixed or fluid, using wide support for modern CSS units
  • Wix design system featuring sections with built-in responsive behavior matched to the color palette of your site
Editor X Web Design
3 588,00$chaque mois jusqu'à annulation
  • Product Policy

    This product subscription must remain active and current for continued accessibilty and performance. 

  • Product Cancellation

    Rental products cancellations will immediately remove current client access and will cancel client usage.

  • Product Policy

    Web Hosting services and fees are separate from all Web Design services and fees. Currently, a monthly Web Hosting subscription can be added to a project that is being developed, if purchased separately (or after project developments are complete), is available as an annual subscription only. 

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